My Sister’s Friend 2 (2017) (เกาหลี R18+)

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คะแนนเฉลี่ย 4.3 / 5. จำนวนโหวต 4

My Sister’s Friend 2 [เกาหลี R18+]

Directed by : Chae Joon-woo (채준우)
Stars: Ji Yeon (지연), Lee Chae-dam (이채담), Do Mo-se (도모세)
Sang-woo’s daily life changes 180 degrees ever since his sister’s friend Jeong-hee comes to live in their house. Everytime he sees her walking around the house with wet hair and wearing just a big T-shirt, he gets erotic thoughts. He dreams of having sex with her just once until one day, he does. However, since then, Jeong-hee can’t forget the night with Sang-woo and how much better he was than her fiance and starts coming back to his room

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